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Chapters define what local means for their area, based on their unique qualities and geographic boundaries. "Local" may include a mileage radius, a maximum number of steps in the supply chain, or even a set of values.

Buy Fresh Buy Local Chapters are working to rebuild local food systems and promote sustainable agriculture by connecting consumers in communities throughout the country to fresh, locally grown and produced foods. Each Buy Fresh Buy Local Guide showcases local food producers and businesses who pledge to adhere to the standards of their Buy Fresh Buy Local Chapter, helping shoppers navigate the crowded food marketing landscape.  Through the creation of local food guides, community events, and educational materials, Buy Fresh Buy Local makes it easy for shoppers to find and connect with local food and the farmers who grow it. From farmers markets, restaurants, grocery stores, co-ops, and community supported farms to large-scale institutions (e.g. colleges, and retirement homes), Buy Fresh Buy Local Chapters are expanding the market for locally grown food in communities across the U.S.